Stock Management Domain Story

Let's stick with a Burger-Bar example and examine the stock management aspect of the business.

Imagine a Burger-Bar, and that you are invited as a consultant to analyze their existing processes and design a new system that will better support their growing business. Their current stock management system is an old, custom-built, Visual Basic application running on a single PC and has no interfaces to any other system. Management wants you to propose an improved solution that will interface with the supplier's system. In order to devise a new system, first, you will need to understand the current process. As a DDD practitioner, you schedule a few workshops with staff and examine how the business operates at the moment. You record this using the Domain Storytelling technique. One of the Domain Stories you record during sessions is: “Ordering Stock Supplies”, and is depicted in the following diagram:

stock management domain story


As explained in our previous story, the way to read a Domain Story diagram is to find a blue bubble numbered with number 1, then a yellow bubble numbered  1 (if there are any), and finally, the purple bubble numbered 1. Then we repeat the same process with the number 2, then 3, etc. So, for each sequence: blue goes first, optional yellow second, and purple is last.

By following this principle we would extract the following set of sentences from the above diagram:


  1. The Sales Assistant enters sold items into Stock Management System.

2. The Manager calculates the total of sold items in the Stock Management System.

3. The Manager creates an order in the Stock Management System

4. The Manager sends an email with an order to the Supplier System.

5. The supplier system sends an email with a delivery items list to the stock management system.

6. The member of staff, the Sales Assistant, compares the actual items delivered with the stock items list and confirms they are the same and records confirmation in the Stock Management System.

Have you noticed anything peculiar about the structure of the above sentences, does it remind you of something? It will be all revealed in my next story.


How to import icons

To start recording Domain Stories with you can devise your own icons. But if you do like our icons you are welcome to use them. To import them into, first download the DomainStoriesScratchpad.xml file from this public git repository:

Then open the diagram and go to the Scratchpad section on the left-hand side. Click on the pencil icon to open the edit Scratchpad modal window. Click on the Import button and import the DomainStoriesScratchpad.xml file. The icons should now appear in the Scratchpad section.